#flowers #india #punjab

#punjab  #flowers  #india  
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#india #punjab

#punjab  #india  
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Anonymous asked: You came from the united states?

To where? I’m from Canada.

  04/17/14 at 06:13am

Taking a trip to India for three weeks and since I’ll be in the countryside I may or may not have access to the Internet. I might update once in a while and post interesting pictures if I can. Otherwise, be back in three weeks. Take care everyone. :) 

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Chocojun’s ladies guesting on SMAPxSMAP /ohno&aiba&nino :3

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Someday the Dream Will End (Piano) - Final Fantasy X


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first attempt at pixel art.

inspired by/thanks to: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

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